My first foray into Blogland, you could hardly term me an Early Adopter, so bear with me whilst I get to grips with this new-fangled thing.

Being Sunday, I am looking at this week’s diary to see what the immediate future holds and, from here, it is looking good! Two very different dance photocalls in top venues, which I adore shooting. Not only that, but the chance to try out my new Nikon D3s in the sort of challenging lighting conditions this beauty is made for.

So far, my test has been limited to the dark confines of my basement flat at 12,800 ISO and this is the result.

No noise reduction or any other post – jpeg straight out of camera. I am impressed so far.

Also time for more of the Hornsey Road project: a personal project of editorial portraiture of people who run and work in the small businesses along the Hornsey Road, N19. A fascinating, friendly and diverse bunch of people who are making the project absolutely delightful by allowing me into their worlds. I am learning more about my neighbours this year than in the previous ten! Why didn’t I start sooner?!