Starting the week as sports snapper for LNP, I shot the Hampstead Heath Conkers Competition on Sunday and a tug o’ war in aid of property industry charity LandAid on Monday. That’s my kind of sports shooting!

Back to the Arts for the rest of the week and my! what a busy, exciting week it’s been! An opening at the Hayward Gallery of an interesting crossover exhibition entitled “Move: Choreographing You”, where dance meets art. One of my photographs made both the print and web edition of the London Evening Standard yesterday (Thursday 14th October – p 39).

Then there was the 100th birthday of the London Palladium, on Tuesday, at which Brucie, accompanied by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Danielle Hope, the new Dorothy, unveiled a plaque. Wednesday saw Sgt Pepper’s emissary on earth, Sir Peter Blake, unveil an exhibition at the Museum of Everything, which he curated and lent some of his personal collection of ephemera to. It gave a great insight into where  he gets his inspiration from! Victorian taxidermy, Punch and Judy puppets and boxes made of shells figured highly.

Thought that was the end of the excitement for this week but no! A photocall at the Barbican was brought forward. Joy of joys, it was a full dress run too! From a photographer’s perspective, this was a joy to shoot. The scenes are almost tableaux, with a very cinematic feel, added to greatly by the dramatic lighting.

The lighting did present its own problems of hot spots next to dark areas and white, reflective clothing but it’s all in a day’s work and you just work round it. These are probably the shots I am most pleased with this week, from an aesthetic point of view. Fingers crossed the picture editors think so too!