Calloo! Callay! (She chortled, in her joy).

Not only has she (since we started in the third person but are now back in the first, royal personage, it seems) spent a lovely day with her favourite corporate clients, making beautiful images for their marketing materials, but she GOT IN THE PAPERS AGAIN! Hurrah! Evening Standard, page 30 and on the website. Malheureusement, the Standard website decided to change the caption included by yours truly to one that is factually incorrect. Rather embarrassing for the persons confused and makes me look rather silly. Or it would, had they bothered to give me a credit!



Anyhoo, am feeling rather content (apart from all that) this evening.

And here’s a much nicer picture wot I made, of Paloma Faith & Ricky Wilson.

Paloma Faith & Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs).