I love being busy, especially when it’s dance/theatre type busy-ness! Five productions in the last six working days. Woo hoo! So, starting the list of loveliness….Bale de Rua at the Peacock last Monday, Emanuel Gat (Winter Variations) at Sadler’s Wells Tuesday, Song of the Goat Theatre (Macbeth) at the Barbican Wednesday, Complicite (Shun-kin) Friday, Rambert (Awakenings) at Sadler’s Wells today. All wonderful to photograph, in very different ways.

Bale de Rua had me overcoming more camera shake than usual, the music being so infectious that I couldn’t keep still whilst shooting – I just wanted to join in and dance! The lighting was so beautifully colourful too.

Emanuel Gat had me wondering about how two human beings can be so in tune with each other.

Macbeth was a visual and aural treat – martial arts, choreography, singing, plus the nicest artistic director in Grzegorz Bral who, as an enthusiastic photographer himself, was keen to ensure we had enough light and chatted awhile afterwards.

Shun-kin was short (as a photocall) but sweet. I was left wanting to see the whole production, the combination of puppetry and live performance being mesmerising.

Oh what joy though! If I was spoilt last week, then I’d surely died and gone to heaven today! Rambert was the first contemporary dance company I ever saw, back when I was 19 or 20 (more than half my life ago) and they hold a special place in my heart. So, I was delighted to be put on the list for today’s photocall for “Awakenings”, based on the Oliver Sacks book. As with all the other photocalls, whether extracts or full dress runs, it felt far too short and I wanted to see all three pieces they are performing in this run. Sigh. Fingers crossed I manage to photograph their next performances, at the Linbury.