Imagine an aerial view of London. How much unused, flat, roof space can you see? Now imagine that’s all garden. Vegetable plots. Herb gardens. Fruit forests. Flower meadows. How beautiful is that thought? And how utterly practical too. Zero food miles for the produce. No slugs or snails (they haven’t learnt how to use ropes and crampons yet). A growing environment. A learning environment. A community space and haven.

Et voila!

Food from the sky....literally. Biodynamic, urban, farming on the roof of a London supermarket.

That’s exactly what ‘Food from the sky’ is doing, in Crouch End. The brainchild of Azul-Valerie Thome (Positive Earth Project) and Andrew Thornton (franchise owner of Budgens, Crouch End), this initiative celebrated its first birthday today (13th November 2010).

Crouch End institution, Dunn's, baked and iced a first birthday cake for "Food from the Sky". L to R: Andrew Thornton, franchise owner of Budgens, Crouch End) and Azul-Valerie Thome (co-founder of Food from the Sky and also of Positive Earth Project).

It’s a great example of a community working together but not just that, it’s the perfect symbiosis between commerce and community, Global and Local, head and heart, and lots of other stuff that sounds like they’re opposites but really are not, or should not be.

So yes, I was up on the roof today. And I felt connected with the earth.