This week I have had the most delightful variety of wonderful performing arts work to photograph. Some of my current favourite work resides in these sets! Not only did I get some great photographs out of it but, more fundamentally than that, I witnessed some of the most spirited, fun, engaging, lyrical, beautiful and emotional work I have had the privilege to photograph thus far. I have to admit to being a bit naughty here though. I was enjoying the work so much that I stayed longer than necessary to get the shots required! Shock! Horror!

Good job though.

I may thoroughly enjoy my work and derive great pleasure from it, but it doesn’t always pay the bills. This week was a case in point. Nothing published.

Why is it ever thus? The work I love the most doesn’t see the light of day (apart from on here and my website) but the stuff I consider good (of publishable quality) but unremarkable aesthetically makes the papers. Not always, but it does feel like it when it happens.

No logic to it. Or none that I can discern yet.

So, regarding the “I think not” bit…. Well, I don’t know whether people are just being kind but….one photography critic, one PR agency professional and one top lighting designer have all (spontaneously) expressed that they like my work from this week. OK, so they put it more strongly than that but I don’t want to overegg it (or me). So, I feel great that people whose opinion I respect rate my work, but not so great at the checkout in Aldi…….

Here’s some of my faves from this week – more on my website (

(C) Jane Hobson. 24/11/2010. "The Cradle Will Rock", directed by Mehmet Ergen, ends the productions at The Arcola Theatre at its present venue. December sees the theatre moving to larger premises down the road. Alicia Davies (Moll) clutches her shawl to her as she protests with the other workers.

"Black Watch", National Theatre of Scotland, The Barbican, 26/11/10. Jack Lowden as "Cammy".


(C) Jane Hobson. 25/11/2010. Rambert Dance Company present a Season of New Choreography in the Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House.