It’s a singalonga week, it seems. It started on Monday (not with a kiss, for all you Hot Chocolate fans) but with a colleague turning up to the Snowman photocall wearing a fetching hat (cue “Where did you get that hat…etc”), who then proceeded to sing “I’m walking in the air”, which lasted until today (Tuesday) until it was replaced by calls (not songs, sadly) of “You SHALL go to the ball” (at the Matthew Bourne “Cinderella” photocall). Thankfully, this only survived until we set off for Wilton’s Music Hall, at which point “‘Ave a banana!” began to be sung (OK, so at this point, I admit, it was only really me doing the singing). Any road up (as they say at home), photographing theatre and dance at Christmas provides me with much more joy, fun and laughter than any office party.

And, for that, I am so utterly grateful!

Ho, ho, ho!

J x

p.s. It’s BEHIND YOU!!!!