Well, it’s certainly Christmas time. Last week saw Cinderella, Wilton’s Vintage Christmas and Bourgeois and Maurice open and this week I have mainly been shooting beasties, beauties and a fly….Flyboy, to be precise.

Two of my photos from The Hampstead Theatre’s “Beauties and Beasts”, written by Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate, made the papers – the Independent and the ‘i’, so that was rather pleasing.

Beauty and the Beast romp on the floor in the Hampstead Theatre's production "Beauties and Beasts".

Life must be a bit lonely if you’re half fly, half human. Especially when you get bullied by the neighbours. Still, he does have a mail order spaceship to build which should keep him occupied. Here he is, with his human creator, Matthew Robins.

(C) Jane Hobson. 15/12/2010. "Flyboy is alone again this Christmas", by Matthew Robins, opens at The Barbican.  Matthew Robins on the accordion.

So, I’m feeling very festive but, on the downside, there are now no theatre or dance photocalls in the diary until the New Year. I may have to venture out into the cold, dark streets to shoot news. Brrrrr!