I was so taken with the intricate shadow puppets, the hilarious and oft-sinister lyrics and the beautiful music of Flyboy that I bought the company. Not really. Just obtained tickets and went to see the whole show. It’s a shame that we, as photographers, do not often get to see the production we are photographing in its entirety, especially for this one. I could see, from what we were shown, that it was going to be a fun evening but the whole was so much more than the sum of the parts! I laughed, cried (yes, I know I’m  bit wet and it’s only a story but still…), oohed, aahed and was a wee bit scared. It was utter magic and took me right back to the feelings of wonder and excitement I had when going to see the annual panto when I was little (my only exposure to theatre until I was about 10, when we went to see ‘Joseph’ at York Theatre Royal, but I digress).

If you are wondering what to expect, I’d say it is Edward-Gorey-meets-Shockheaded-Peter-and-The-Tigerlillies-coming-down-a-dark-alley-with-Tim-Burton. But really, Mr Robin’s work is not exactly that – it’s uniquely his and singularly wonderful.

So, thank you, Matthew Robins! Great show!

(C) Jane Hobson. 15/12/2010. "Flyboy is alone again this Christmas", by Matthew Robins, is on at The Barbican until January 2nd, 2011.