Although not Catholic, I feel like I should be asking for forgiveness for the gap between posts. I can’t quite believe it’s been four months since my last confession, um, blog post. A lot of wonderful dance and theatre has been witnessed in that time, my portfolio has been added to, pictures published in the Telegraph, Independent, FT, Metro, Mail and  (see Tearsheets) and yet it’s a birth and a wedding that have prompted me to post this time. No, not personal life events but a short film and THAT wedding.

Firstly, the short. “Ouroboros” is the latest offering from Director Brothers David and Keith Lynch. Filmed over three days at Haringey Sixth Form College, masquerading as a financial institution in the City, it involved a birth, a terrorist plot and a rescue (or did it?). I am not going to give anything else away but, if you get the chance to see it, at a film festival near you soon, do. It’s an intriguing way of telling a story and will keep you guessing until the last minute and possibly beyond. I’m certainly looking forward to the cast and crew screening, when that happens – it’s in post at the moment so watch this space.

This film is being made via crowdfunding, so, if you would like to donate, and be in at the beginning of the major career of talented film-makers, please do so via this link:  There is a lot more information on the short and why they are making it if you follow the link too.

Meanwhile, here are a few of my publicity stills from the movie.

So then, THAT wedding. Well, given that it was rumoured to cost £10k per agency and £1k per individual for accreditation and that the submitted picture count was likely to be in the tens of thousands, my chances for getting shots of the wedding parade published were slim to none. So, I decided to take an alternative tack and shoot something of personal interest which related to the preparations for events surrounding the wedding.

I have followed the very talented Lily Vanilli ( ) on Facebook and Twitter since buying one of her fabulous, anatomically correct, heart cakes for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Cupcake Society is well and truly established in London and Lily is at the forefront of this, with her wares being stocked in Harrods Food Hall, no less. Her innovative underground cake and cocktail parties are also a big hit. Absinthe icecream anyone?!

So, to hear that Lily had been commissioned by the V&A to make a wedding cake for their Friday Late: “I Do” evening on the eve of the Royal Wedding itself was very exciting and I asked her if I could come and shoot her assembling the creation on site, the day before. The setting matched the aesthetics of the cake perfectly, though was not the first choice for the museum. Owing to the potential problems of wheeling a 5-tiered cake from the cafe to the gardens, it was decided to make the Morris room the setting for the cake and the cutting ceremony. What a fantastic backdrop! The room, decorated by William Morris in golds and deep greens and reds complemented the golden cake perfectly and lent a fairytale, Amelie-esque feel to the scene and to the photographs.

Lily carefully places the first two tiers on the pedestal and arranges the first set of supporting columns.

The inspired creation was of spiced chocolate cake, with Bucks Fizz curd, and grapefruit mousse buttercream, decorated with jewels of hard candy. The basic design of the cake makes reference to Victoria and Albert’s wedding cake, gold plated and bejewelled like a gaudy souvenir, which is intended as a comment on how the royals have been commercialised.

Lily puts the finishing touches to the regal cake.

The winners of a catwalk competition held at the Friday Live “I Do” event had the honour of cutting the delicious cake to round off the celebrations.  Sadly, I wasn’t there to have a slice, but can vouch for the deliciousness of Lily Vanilli cakes, having had a bit of heart and aorta from my boyfriend’s Valentine cake!