There are certain days that make the hard slog of this business worthwhile. Like today. Today I did the production photography for “Howl’s Moving Castle” at Southwark Playhouse. It’s an astonishing adaptation from book to stage by a hugely talented team.

I witnessed the production in its nascent stages, as I also did the rehearsal photography. It is hugely satisfying (and always like some sort of alchemical process) to see a production from early doors to full blown production, to see it develop, grow and bloom in all its potential glory. This one particularly so, as the use of projection and original music are fantastic (in its true sense) and are devices which imbue the play with true magick. The set-and-projection combo is a genius solution to (hush, don’t tell anyone) not really having a castle that flies (think of the hydraulics!) and it truly does transport you with it.

Having been blown away by the model box, I was doubly so by the upscaled version. It just has to be seen to be believed. Imagine a giant had taken a fancy to doing intricate paper cutouts…..

Of course, wonderful as design, music, and light are so the actors must also be. And, naturally, they ARE! (To be upstaged by the staging would be unthinkable, dear). Daniel Ings is a Very Dashing Howl (move over Mr Darcy!), Kristin McGuire a beautiful and lithe Young Sophie/Witch of the Waste and Susan Sheridan a wonderful, mischievous, Old Sophie.

All in all, it was a hugely fun and satisfying day at the office. Thank you to all concerned.

Can’t wait for press night! Roll on Friday!

Here’s a taster:

Kristin McGuire as Young Sophie.

Daniel Ings as Howl

Susan Sheridan as Old Sophie

Kristin McGuire as the Witch of Waste

See the full gallery here:

Credits: Cast (in order of appearance):

Young Sophie/Witch of the Waste – Kristin McGuire

Narrator – Stephen Fry

Old Sophie – Susan Sheridan

Calcifer – James Wilkes

Howl – Daniel Ings

Creative Team:

Directors & Designers – Davy & Kristin McGuire

Writer – Mike Sizemore

Sound Designer – Jerry Ibbotson

Lighting Designer – Tim Bray

Composer – Fyfe Dangerfield (of the Guillemots!)

Associate Director – Jack Lowe

Associate Producer – Katherine Jewkes

Press Representative – Susie Safavi

Programme Designer – Rebecca Pitt

Rehearsal & Production Photographer – Jane Hobson (i.e. me!)

Stage Manager – Peta Dyce

Production Manager – Richard Seary

Programmer – Richard Williamson

Assistant Animator – Sophie Cheshire

Set construction – RK Resources