Wednesday 1st August

Arrived at Waverley at 3:30, in a taxi by 4, arrived at flat at 4:30 and straight back out with camera in hand to shoot the first of two press launches. Firstly, the Underbelly, inside an upturned purple cow, where Paul Foot made me snort, Tumble Circus made me gasp and Tom Thum made me wonder how he could possibly breathe whilst issuing a constant stream of sounds from what sounded like not one but two instruments. Beatboxing has me flummoxed, Dear Reader. Astonishing.

Paul Foot, Esq.

Tumble Circus

Tom Thum

Next up, the beautifully refurbished Assembly Rooms, under the guidance of Tommy Sheppard, the man responsible for the comedy empire that is The Stand. The beautiful chanteuse, Camille O’Sullivan, had me in tears at her performance.

Camille O’Sullivan

All the seasons in one day. Edinburgh does that to you. Literally, in terms of the weather. And emotionally. If you let it. And I do.

Thursday 2nd August

Still in week zero but it feels like I’ve been here a fortnight already. Today saw the press launch of the Gilded Balloon. My fave act from the show is comedy magician Carl-Einer Hackner – utterly bonkers Swedish guy in an Elvis suit and Abba hair.

Carl-Einar Hackner

Mind reader, Doug Segal, is intriguing. The showcase didn’t really allow him to demonstrate much of his act or ability as it was the set up to a stunt where the reveal will be on Fred MacAuley’s BBC radio show on the 13th. Doug sealed his predictions for the Olympics results in a box which will not be opened until that point. Looking forward to photographing the reveal, as well as Doug’s show and, hopefully, doing some portraits of him too.

Doug Segal

Friday 3rd Aug

Day One is here at last!

Photocall for Mark Thomas at the Traverse. Mark’s new show is a touching, funny and personal piece about his relationship with his father and the importance of music, particularly opera, in their communication.

Mark Thomas, Bravo! Figaro, Traverse, Edinburgh

Saturday 4th August

The sun’s out!!!!! It’s hot! Surely this can’t be right? It’s Edinbraugust. This just doesn’t happen.

Off to the Pleasance for the final press launch that I have scheduled in and Oh! What a show!! I want to see just about everything in it.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F is a must-see. Now I am not one for plays about war, or war itself, but for anyone who saw the documentary on the making of this piece you’ll understand why I am compelled to see it. It’s a devised play, based on real service personnel’s experiences of war, the resulting injuries and disabilities and the changes these have made to them and their lives. So, it’s not really about war but the personal, human, effects of conflict. I’m sure you’ll see 5 star reviews for this one.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F

Othello: The Remix is, as the name suggests, a rap version of Shakespeare’s Othello. Now, I didn’t ‘do’ Othello at school so am not hugely familiar with the plot but the rap makes it extremely easy to get a hold on who’s who and what’s happening. For a tragedy, it’s very funny.

Othello: The Remix

Talking of rap (bad segueway here but what the heck), Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain, from the Birmingham Stage Company, which contains some rap, has had a Scottish flavour injected with the addition of a Burke & Hare section. As always, Very Funny. Saw Neal Foster (Rex) afterwards, in the kids’ area for an additional photocall and he mentioned that we had a big picture in the Metro the day before (I shot the production photography for the West End run). Hurrah!

Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain

The Boy With Tape on His Face is someone I have wanted to see for ages but just haven’t managed to fit him in, so I was glad to see an extract in this showcase. Hugely funny, so that’s another for the wish list.

The Boy With Tape On His Face

So much already that I want to see. How am I going to cram it all in? The diary’s already full-to-bursting with Fringe and International Festival photocalls, and the Book Fest list hasn’t been released yet!

Having edited, processed and filed the Pleasance work, I went to see Doug Segal’s mind-reading show. A masterful display of practical psychology. I want to know how he does it/what he looks for in the faces/body language of his subjects. It’s so subtle. Am looking forward to photographing him. Got to get my thinking cap on re how….. Want to make it as intriguing as the man himself.