….Baden-Baden, that is! A schedule change meant that the proposed trip to New York, New York, to photograph Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in a studio in their home-town, was transferred to the stage of the neo-Classical, splendiforous, Festspielhaus, in the beautiful spa town in Germany.  Although involving one plane, three trains and a taxi to get there, it was definitely worth the journey. The location was stunning enough in itself – the sun was shining, the surrounding hills clad with leafy, green trees, the ruined Schloss viewable from my hotel room window, not to mention the Festspielhaus – but the company and performances even more so.

What a joy my job is!

Two of the three pieces they were performing there are coming to the UK from the end of September, starting their UK tour on the 27th September at London’s Sadler’s Wells.


Joaquim de Santana and Ebony Williams in INDIGO ROSE (choreographed by Jiří Kylián)


The Company in NECESSITY, AGAIN (choreographed by Jo Strømgren)

The tour dates can be seen on the Dance Consortium website, who are organising the tour:

Cedar Lake Tour Dates

Not only was I provided with wonderful access to photograph Indigo Rose (choreographed by Jiří Kylián) and Necessity, again (choreographed by Jo Strømgren), but I also had the privilege of witnessing company class. Acting Artistic Director, Alexandra Damiani, was an inspirational, energetic and fun director of the morning’s class. I was worn out just photographing it! Those dancers are super-humanly fit to put everything into class, dress rehearsal and then a full public performance, and then do it all again the following day!


The Company, doing class, led by Alexandra Damiani, at the Festspielhaus, Baden Baden.

There was also time to fit in a very quick portrait session with dancer Ebony Williams, who has performed with Beyonce, and helped the star to regain peak fitness after the birth of her baby.  Ebony made the shoot both fun and smooth, as she is a natural in front of the camera.


Ebony Williams, in a rehearsal room at the Festspielhaus, Baden Baden.

The Dance Consortium Dream Team, CAMI and the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet company worked brilliantly as a team and made my job an absolute joy. Thank you! Can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Meanwhile, if you would like to see a larger sneak preview of what Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet are bringing to the UK this Autumn, follow this link to my website gallery.


The Company, with acting Artistic Director, Alexandra Damiani (on the left, with scarf).