This week has been brought to you by the senses: visual, aural, gustatory. (I don’t know why I’m going all Sesame Street…. Ooh now that’s got me thinking about Cookeeeeeeees!)

First up, the Red Ladies invaded the Southbank, bringing their Hepburnesque, enigmatic, beingness, with them. In addition to the indoors ‘rendezvous’, they also went feral, inhabiting various spaces on the Southbank. Up on the roof, they looked like Red Lady Gormleys. Fantastic! Only caught that via social media though – I was photographing the Purcell Room activities.

RED LADIES, Clod Ensemble, Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London, UK.

Brought to you by the colour red.

I think immersive theatre (or site specific, site responsive – can somebody sort out the nomenclature, please?) needs its own posting soon, having been invited to photograph so many lately. However, Leviathan gets a special mention this week. Living Structures have taken over one of the (massive) studios at Hackney Downs Studios for the UK premiere. Multi/cross-genre/genre-busting; labels don’t really work on this one. All you need to know is that it is participatory and multi-sensory.

Leviathan, Living Structures, Hackney Downs Studios,  The Times

The photo is brought to you by the sound ‘electric cello’.

If music be the food of love, play on. Well, love is definitely at the centre of both of the two Mountview post-grad productions I was booked to photograph this week, but of very different flavours. Enjoying both but critiquing neither (that’s not what this blog is about), I was moved, in a visceral, hungry, sniffing, sense, by the food on stage. The dress runs were scheduled for just after lunch time, meaning that travelling there was across lunch. So, it meant eating late breakfast on day one (@msjackmonroe ‘s Bircher Muesli recipe with the mandarins left out and assorted nuts and berries bunged in, if you are interested!)

And then being taunted with the smell of stew during the run until I could get home and eat lunch? At around 6pm. I needed to plan better!

Then, today, learning from yesterday, I made said Bircher, again, for late brekkie then bought a prawn mayo buttie for lunch, on the way in, to be eaten in The Half. Wrong! The trend for the show starting, before the show, continued, so that I entered the auditorium at exactly the half, but with stuff already happening on stage that I needed to shoot! AND the delicious smell of chopped, raw, onions to tice me.

Saturday Sunday Monday, Unicorn Theatre, Mountview Graduate Season 2014, London, UK.

Brought to you by the smell ‘onion’.

THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES, Postgraduate Season 2014, Mountview, Unicorn theatre, London, UK.

And the smell ‘stew’.

Food and theatre. Now there’s a topic for a post. *Makes mental note*



Red Ladies


The House of Blue Leaves

Saturday, Sunday, Monday