As usual, the rate of work increased and I couldn’t keep up the running commentary via this blog. so, here’s a round-up of some of the work I had published during the Edinburgh Festivals 2015, in no particular order. Hopefully, there’ll be a follow up post with some of the pictorial highlights, given that the best work is often not published!

a Girl Is a Half Formed Thing, Traverse, Guardian, 09.08.15 Adrienne Truscott, Guardian 08.08.15 Aisling Bea, Gilded Balloon, Observer, 09.08.15 Aisling Bea, Guardian online 13.08.15 Ballett Zurich, Playhouse, EIF - The Guardian - 29 Aug 2015 - Pa Bryony Kimmings, Traverse, Mashable, 13.08.15 Joe Lycett, Pleasance, 27.08.15 Spillikin, Jack Dome, Pleasance, The List 12.08.15 Spillikin, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Guide, 23.08.15 Swallow, Traverse, FT, 07.08.15 The Christians, Traverse, The Guardian 10.08.15 Alasdair Gray, Telegraph, 23.08.15 Marriage of Figaro, Festival Theatre, EIF, Guardian online 14.08.15 Ballett Zurich, Playhouse, EIF – The Guardian – 29 Aug 2015 – Page #48